Round 10 | Apple Orchard

When/Where: December 3, 2022 | 1025 Shade Tree Rd Alpine, AL 35014  – We need everyone to make sure you have one Mototally transponder on your helmet. Everyone must have a SECCA provided helmet sticker on the left side of your helmet. We have to be able to see the sticker at scoring and on the trail. YOU MUST REQUEST NUMBER AND MEMBERSHIP ONLINE.

Pit Riding: Pit riding is not allowed for anyone under 16 years old. Adults pit riding must be idle speed. Once your kids are done with their race their bikes need to stay at the trailer. SxS’s are allowed to be operated by adults but NOT cross the track at ANY time. Kids found riding after the race are subject to disqualification or penalty to them or their parent.

Spectators: No spectators right up against scoring. There is ribbon marking an area around the tent/trailer that is for officials only. Do not bring helmets up near the scoring lane during the race.

Scoring Area and Info: Do not stop after the finish by scoring. You MUST ride back to the parking area away from scoring. This creates a bottleneck and could score you again. You must have ONE Mototally transponder on your helmet programmed to you. It cannot overlap another style transponder. They must be side by side with a small gap between them underneath the visor.
Spectators please stay 15 feet back from the scoring lane and help keep kids from getting right against the course..

Format: Split start format (see times below)

-8:30 50cc 7-9/Preteen B/Preteen C
-9:00 Tadpoles/50cc 4-6/Peewee
-9:45 Youth A&B/Girls/Preteen A/Jr Girls
-10:20 Striders/Stacyc
-11:00 Kids Awards
Riders Meeting following Kids Awards
-Split Start format – 1 moto each
-11:30 55+/Schoolboy/C/D – 90 minutes
-1:30 AA/A/B – 105 minutes
-Overall Payout 300,200,100 per overall

Course: Adult approx. 6.5 miles, Youth 3 miles, Peewee 1 mile

Registration: If you are changing classes for the final round please be sure to contact us prior so your work points do not get changed.
Online Registration is open to members who already have a properly working transponder. Please double check your helmet sticker and make sure you only have your SECCA # on the left side of the helmet (We have seen some helmets with wrong stickers or multiple numbers on the side.) On race day we will have it separated by Pre-Entry and Race Day Sign up. If you register online you do not need to fill out another paper at the race and your name will be on the waiver at the Pre-Entry table. Be sure to complete the online entry and receive your confirmation email. Bring your helmet to signup to show you have a transponder and proper sticker.

Riders who register online please come during these times unless you are signing for you and your kid. Kids 7:30-9:00 Adults 9:00-12:00

Beginner class reminders!
No Youth Riders. Riders are allowed 2 podium finishes or 1 win before advancement. Class is at promoter’s discretion. We will force you to move up if necessary. NO POINTS AWARDED.

Race Fees:
$40 Adults
$25 Minis
$30 Youth/Girls
$5 Striders
$10 Transponder
$5 One day pass for non members – no points
$10 Gate Fee / $5 ages 6-12

Camping: Camping is welcome but pit riding is off limits after 8 pm. Parents please help us control this on Friday Nights.