Suzuki Contingency

Racers will need to register on and create a profile. After each race your account will be updated with the money.

  • Pays Each Race (not 9 hour)
  • Contingency payments will be made on a reloadable Suzuki Contingency Card only redeemable at authorized U.S. Suzuki dealerships. Participants will not receive their Suzuki Contingency Card until they have placed in a paying position at a specified event on the Suzuki Contingency Payout Schedule.
  • There must be a minimum of (7) riders in a class for all paying positions to be paid. For classes with (3) to (6) riders, the top (2) positions will be paid. No payments will be made to any riders with classes less than the required minimum of (3) riders.
  • Contingency will be paid to the Warranty Registered owner. If the motorcycle raced is not owned by the racer, the warranty registered owner must complete a sponsored rider verification form for contingency to be paid to racer.
  • Registration must be submitted to Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) within 30 days after the first event in order to qualify for payment. Registrations submitted after the 30 day period will not be eligible for payment. It is the racer’s responsibility to resolve race result disputes with the race organization.