2022 9 Hour Info & Form

2022 9 Hour Race @ Perry Mountain

July 30, 2022
Perry Mountain 2464 Co Rd 26, Stanton, AL 36790

Info and signup form (bottom of page) for 9 hour team race:

9:00 a.m. Start

Preentries are listed here

Step 1: If a rider has not EVER raced with us please visit this link and put your self in our system if you want to have your info online. Series Registration link – use the bike # request – you can request any number or leave blank as we will assign a number to you for this race

Prices will increase starting July 11th. Teams are highly suggested to pre-enter as there is not much time to enter on race day. You will be able to pay online (we will send an invoice via PayPal and you can pay with PayPal, CC, or debit). Once pre-entered riders can just come pick up their packet. Racers paying day of the race will pay the Race Day fee.

Pits are first come first serve starting Friday afternoon at 12:00 p.m.
Pits must be set up and vehicles clear by 8:30 a.m. race day
No vehicles or pit bikes going down pit road during the race.
10 mph – 1st offense is 30 sec, 2nd is 1 minute, 3rd is 15 minutes.

Ride your own bike or your team mates. Backup bikes are allowed but not eligible for any payout.

Fire extinguishers are required for each pit area. You can alternate riders when you want but you must come down pit road. Arm bands will be given out on the starting line.

Teams can pick up their packets Friday evening.
Sign up will open up at 7 am Saturday to pick up packets.
We will have a separate computer for those needing to program transponders or sign up.

We will email you an invoice and you can pay with PayPal, CC, or debit. Be sure to spell your email correctly. If you do want to pay at the race it will be the race day fee cost.

If you have a Mototally transponder we can reprogram yours or if you need to buy one we will have it ready to pick up. Secca racers will not need reprogrammed. (If you purchased a transponder at the 24 Hour it will need programmed for SECCA.)

1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $150

1st $150

1st $150

Class rules (class eligibility based off 2022 SECCA class)
3 man teams  $195
Expert – 2 or more A riders
Intermediate – 1 A rider allowed, No AA
Novice – No A riders, 1 B rider allowed
Novice 30+ – No A riders, 1 b rider allowed. Each rider must be 30 or older
45+ – Each rider must be 45 or over
30+ – Each rider must be 30 or over
Junior – 16 yrs max – based off 2022 junior class age Jan 1
2 man teams $140
Duo Open – 2 riders any skill level
Duo Family – Immediate Family
Solo $80
Ironman Open – 251 and up
Ironman 250 – 85cc-250cc
Ironman 40+

Invoices will have a processing fee added.

Gate Fee:
$10 per person
$5 6-12

* Min bike size is 85cc 2T/ 150R 4T for the event
Post July 10th
Teams $195
Duo $140
Ironman $80

Signup is closed!